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What does the training involve?


Beginner students will start off by learning the most basic skills of stretching, stances, blocks, punching and kicking. There are class protocols that new students will need to learn. Discipline and focus start at the beginner level. 

Once students are comfortable with their basic skills they will start to learn how to do “Kata” (groups of techniques executed in a set order). The basic techniques they learn  will be used in all future Kata. 

Students will learn the basic elements of “Kumite” (Controlled free form sparring) using different techniques learned in class. Kumite is a very important part of training. It builds coordination, self-confidence, hand/foot eye control, and most of all timing of movement.

Intermediate and advanced students will also experience “Tameshi wari” (The way of breaking boards, brick, and rocks just to name a few). Tameshi wari is a vital part of training if a student wants to achieve a focused mental state to over come the fear of striking a hard object. This is part of the training when students really see how there training is paying off.

Advanced students will learn Traditional Owkinawan Kobudo Weapons.  These include the Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Ekku (oar),Nunchaku, and the Kama (Sickle). Weapon training consists of not only Kata but also empty hand defense against weapons.

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