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New Post 4/8/2010 3:35 PM
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Counter Drills 

 Hi all, Brett here.

I would like to learn more counter-attacks, body manipulation, and Jiu-Jitsu. In class we always do punching, kicking, and blocking drills, but we rearely (if ever) do counter-attack drills. Learning how do block is fine, but when sparring new people or even watching myself spar, I notice that all we do is block. Blocking is wired by our brains through "muscle memory" so we can block with little to no thought, however the thought is over once we succesfully block. Getting our brains wired to block followed by counter-attacks should be one fluid neural signal. I realize countering will come later through lots of training, however I believe we should be tought counter-attacks then drill then as if they were basics. Any counter-attack will suffice, but the more flashy the counter, the more off-guard your opponent will be should they be a thug or criminal. I use the word "flashy" loosely by the way. By "flashy" I just mean, quick, overly affective, something more "fancy" than most would expect. Anyways, my interest in this is due to my future career in the military. Hopfully I will graduate Ranger school-its my dream/goal to be U.S. Special Forces. 


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