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What is Wah Dojo?


The Kyokushin Wah School of Karate was founded in 1992 by Sensei Wah. Long before that, and for over more than 20 years sensei Wah has dedicated himself to teaching countless students. It is because of this dedication that the school has flourished and became a community for people of all ages to meet and learn about the Karate way. The Karate Way is not a myth, and its questions are answered, and path unfolds on a daily basis within the walls of the Kyokushin Wah Dojo, to whoever has made the effort and has had the interest in taking that first step.


Like Mas Oyama said: "One becomes a beginner after one thousand days of training, and an expert after ten thousand days of training".


Where do I go from here?


Please feel free to explore our site. You can use the navigation bar at the top, or click on one of the links below and begin your discovery of the kyokushin style of karate. Have fun, stay in shape, and PRACTICE!


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